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Read how BNI St Edmunds has made a difference to these local businesses…

Steve SavageFrames Conservatories Direct

ROI (return on investment) is clearly a very big part of any marketing decision and BNI has delivered. But I never expected the personal growth that came with it. The training which is basically free has allowed me to develop as a person and as a business professional. I wholeheartedly recommend the BNI process to anyone who is remotely interested in developing not only the business they are working in but the business person working within it!

Gary SlackTeam Summit

BNI has been a crucial part of my Business and Life for 13 years. In my line of work I’m legally restricted working domestic homes. However, BNI has significantly helped me to tap into this market and more. Also through networking and training, membership has resulted in an extensive contact sphere which helps me do what I like doing best...Helping people save £’s and acquiring referrals for others. “We do more business before 0900 than most do all day.”

Darren HickeyFellowship Productions

Becoming involved in the St Edmund Chapter of BNI was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. Not only has it resulted in a steady stream of referrals leading to dozens of new clients, it's also helped me to grow the business. Thanks to the members and their contacts, I've been able to outsource many areas of work that I was struggling to handle myself, leaving me more time to focus on my core business. I can highly recommend the BNI!

Paul MooreCompression Solutions

I am not really in to networking but had read about referral marketing after building new e commerce web shop. I heard about the BNI and thought I would give it a go to see what its like. 6 months later I am in the top 10 referrers in Region and BNI has done wonders for my business. I have met some really interesting and helpful people who have taken my business to the next level. I am more confident as a business man and really enjoy the meetings each week. I can only highly recommend BNI if you want help to grow your business!

Robert LoveAbbey Sales & Lettings

Although I’d been in the property industry for years, I’d never really done any “networking”. BNI has allowed me to build relationships of real value with local business people, and four years in, it still accounts for 20% of all of our new business generated. It's by far the most productive couple of hours of the week!

Andrew SandfordSt. James's Place Wealth Management

I have ran my own business now for the last 3 years and have networked extensively. I had the opportunity to join BNI at the middle of last year and don’t regret it. I have started to receive a steady stream of referrals and have extended my own network and made connections that have proved valuable to not only myself but also my clients. If you have never been to a BNI meeting, don’t believe everything you hear, come along and make up your own mind.

Adrian PeckGrow Your Business

After setting up my business in 2011 I soon realised I needed to build a local network. Coming from a corporate environment I didn’t really know how to build and get a return on investment from networking. BNI soon taught me how to develop long term relationship which have significantly grown my business and I’m talking easily a 10x return on my investment.

Danny CuffGipping Press

When I joined I was a little bit doubtful about the structured approach that BNI adopts, but it really does work. Having a clear structure and following it every week keeps everyone’s focus on generating business for each other. I have been a member of other networking groups where we meet and network without any business being passed. At BNI St Edmunds, real business is passed between members every week – it is a fantastic concept!

Adam KempAMAS

At first I was slightly sceptical about BNI and wary of the commitment. However, not only have I received business which has repaid the costs associated with BNI numerous times over, I have also developed my presentation skills and made business contacts which have enabled me to assist clients outside the area in which I work. I have no hesitation in recommending BNI to anyone.

“We do more business before 0900 than most do all day.”

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